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There will never be a shortage of novelty spilling out of the world’s kitchens. Somebody, somewhere is always poised to unveil the newest gastronomic innovation. But the essential truth about the peculiar and pretentious universe of food remains: there is nothing — but nothing — like the pure and unadulterated pleasure of a standout hamburger.

BQM landed on this certainty early on with a commitment to the authentic, neighbourhood burger experience. Since launching in 2007, this single-minded focus has produced eateries devoted to meticulously sourced, seasonal, locally produced, hand-prepared ingredients.

BQM beef is family-farmed on Ontario ranches without added antibiotics or growth hormones.  Burgers come in a choice of cuts — brisket, chuck and sirloin.  The fries are fresh and hand cut, the onion rings are large enough to be worn as bangles and a broad selection of craft beers is available to wash the whole enterprise down.


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